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Cogged V-belt

V-belt Section

Cast Iron Belt-Pulley

V belt China manufacturers, taper bush pulley Australia producers, oilfield sheaves Saudi suppliers-HIC India industrial belt pulleys Kuwait exporters.

HIC Kuwait V Belt Taper Bush Pulley Australia China India Belts For Pulley Drives Quality Manufacturers Replacement

Saudi Arabia compressor v belt distributors trust HICUniversal manufacturers quality replacement to industrial v belt China manufacturers, taper bush pulley Australia manufacturers, oilfield sheaves Kuwait suppliers, alternator v-belt Korea producers by power twist v-belt and v belt pulley suppliers in Kuwait Iraq-Middle East, rib v-belt, synchronous belts and truck rubber v-belts importers of Arab and Gulf buy from India exporter, HIC International Co.

A B C D SPZ SPA SPB SPC sizes HIC V Belts and Sheaves Kuwait exports

HICUniversal manufactures V-Belts and V-belt Pulleys up to v belt numbers 600 inch Length, taper bored v-belt pulleys up to 50 inch sheave OD and different industrial v-belt section A, B, C, D, SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC, cogged belt sizes used for oilfields direct drive and fans power transmission- oilfields direct drive pump belts Shanghai China replacement, poultry housing ventilation system stir fan rubber v-belts New South Wales Australia replacement, alternator belt Seoul South Korea replacement, air conditioning compressor-belt Beijing China replacement, power steering pump fan belt Bucheon City South Korea replacement, cogged truck fan-belt Shanghai China replacement, synchronous belts drive timing pulley Queensland Australia replacement, oilfield mud pump multi grooved v-belt pulley sheaves Perth Western Australia replacement, suppliers to oilfield pumps manufacturers And poultry ventilation fans manufacturing industries v-belts pulleys of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Bahrain Arab countries.

Alternator v-belt, compressor belt, power twist belt, synchronous belt timing pulley, taper bush motor belt pulley, oilfield belt-sheaves, fan belts, truck v-belt, rib belts, industrial v-belts and taper bored dynamically balanced belt pulleys produced in ultra-modern factory at New Delhi and UP-Ghaziabad ISO 9001 certified factories of India.

Exporters of HICUNIVERSAL brand drive v-belts and v-belt pulleys superseding relevant IS, BS, DIN quality standards belts and pulley sheaves to Al-Ahmadi Kuwait, Al-Jahra, Al Kuwait, Riyadh Saudi, Jeddah Saudi, Mecca Saudi, Medina Saudi, Baghdad Iraq, Manama Bahrain, Coimbatore Tamil Nadu India, New Delhi India, Mumbai Maharashtra India, Ahmedabad Gujarat India and other cities suppliers-importers-exporters of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Bahrain-Gulf, India.

Oilfield Poultry Rubber V-Belts Manufacturing Expertise of HIC India

Oilfield pumps manufacturers, poultry stir fans manufacturers and industries of Australia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq of Asia trust HICUniversal brand industrial v belts made in India manufactured of man-made polyester cord, synthetic neoprene rubber jacketed while v belt pulleys are manufactured of graded cast iron CNC machined to precision sizes.

HICUniversal quality rubber v belts and belt pulley sheaves are OEM preferred selection of oilfield pumps manufacturers, poultry stir fans manufacturers, for direct drive trouble-free power transmission performance.

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HIC V Belts Manufacturers India

D-136, Shankar Road,
New Delhi -110060 India

Phone : 0091-11-2874 5120, 6547 2400
Fax : +911128742791
Contact Person : Mr Anil Gupta, President
Ms Priyum, Exports Head

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